Jamez Dreamchasing

A title like Dreamchasing gives you a good idea of what an album will sound like — if you guessed melodic trance and progressive house, you’re correct. Luckily, hardly any of it is Enya over a drum beat. Jamez is a prolific Dutch producer who’s been a part of hits under his own name, and as part of the Trancesetters, P.I.M.P. and others. Generally, they’ve all been tough house and trance, which is what this album is. Tracks like "Falling In Love” and "Levitate” certainly take care of the trance end of things, while "Testpilot” and "Thanx” are very good house tracks. Standard elevating vocals make appearances on "Dreamchaser” and the too-weak "Energy of Life.” The tracks are well done, and are never over-produced or stoop to obvious hooks or tricks. It’s a good album by a superior producer. (Future Groove)