James Yorkston Returns with 'I Was a Cat from a Book'

James Yorkston Returns with 'I Was a Cat from a Book'
Scottish folksmith James Yorkston last left listeners with his 2009 collection of traditionals, Folk Songs, but a batch of Yorkston originals will be delivered this summer on his upcoming I Was a Cat from a Book.

Domino has announced that it will release the new record on August 13 in the UK. The first album of new material since 2008's When the Haar Rolls In, I Was a Cat from a Book was recorded over a five-day stretch at Bryn Derwen Studios in North Wales. It was produced by Yorkston and Dave Wrench, and finds the folk artist joined by a backup band made up of members of Lamb, the Cinematic Orchestra and other friends.

You can grab a sneak peek of the platter via the stream of new number "Catch" down below.

The CD and digital versions of I Was a Cat from a Book contain 11 tracks, but the double ten-inch pressing of the set will also feature bonus songs "Thar She Blows" and "Black Horse White." A special box set edition of the album will contain the CD, the vinyl, a live DVD and "printed backgammon pieces and dice to be played on the LP gatefold."

I Was a Cat from a Book:

1. Catch
2. Kath With Rhodes

3. Border Song 

4. This Line Says

5. Just As Scared 

6. Sometimes The Act Of Giving Love

7. The Fire & The Flames 

8. A Short Blues

9. Spanish Ants 

10. Two

11. I Can Take All This
12. Thar She Blows *
13. Black  Horse White *

* vinyl bonus tracks