James Pants Announces New Stones Throw LP

James Pants Announces New Stones Throw LP
James Pants has become synonymous with the vintage '80s synths and thumping drums that comprise his previous Stones Throw releases, but on his newly announced self-titled album, he will be stretching the boundaries of his sound.

The record, which was initially called Love Kraft, sees Pants move away from the complex drum patterns of previous releases. In a press release, he explains, "I'm a drummer, so it's always been big drums with me, and on this one I wanted to use either really generic drum machines or really simple rock patterns. And quiet. I wanted to craft songs instead of beats."

 He's changed other elements of his sound as well. "On [previous release] Seven Seals, I used a lot of old early-'80s keyboards, which everybody is trying to use now. So I used a lot of mid-'90s keyboards with the new age kinda sound," he says, adding, "It's that Twin Peaks sound... More noise and wailing guitars."

Stones Throw will release James Pants on April 19. A track from the album called "Alone" can be streamed below.

James Pants - Alone by stonesthrow