James Murdoch In Transit

We all know Hawksley Workman has the Midas touch, but before this producer extraordinaire laid hands on James Murdoch’s fourth album, it was already made of gold. Born in the Yukon, and now living in Edmonton, Murdoch has come a long way with In Transit — the record is spicy and gritty, bubbly and folky, all at the same time. His songs are inspired by his travels and subsequent performances, ranging from Spain to New York. "Get What You Deserve” highlights Murdoch’s confidence as a singer-songwriter, his vocals leading a striding pack of guitars and tambourines into the song’s revitalising message. "Transportation” chugs along with mechanical drums and plugging bass lines commenting on our inability to slow down in life, while "Lift You Up” acts as the silver lining that’ll make you want to dance. James Murdoch is like Joel Kroeker with lap steel, or Don Henley with less dirty laundry. In short, In Transit is an 18-carat wonder. (Indica/Aquarius)