James McMurtry Childish Things

This songwriter certainly inherited his father’s gift with the pen. As the son of successful novelist Larry McMurtury, the Fort Worth native comes out with his words a blazing. For this collection of 12 songs, he waxes both poetic and political all the while showcasing his ability to create lasting images and powerful commentary: from character studies to political diatribes. The centrepiece of the album is the protest rant "We Can’t Make It Here” that captures McMurtury’s view of the current state of the United States with a double entendre. With biting lines that berates a greedy capitalist society consumed by conspicuous consumption, McMurtury bemoans: "I guess we can’t make it here anymore.” These songs dig back into his childhood and trace the journey to adulthood by capturing the memorable moments he’s experienced and the people he’s met along this restless road. With a forceful voice that sings with a nasal twang, the talented Texan paints telling tales that make you ponder the state of the world. From the playful "See the Elephant” about the thrill of seeing a travelling circus, to the country-tinged cover "Slew Foot,” Childish Things is a cohesive collection of songs of innocence and experience from a fired up troubadour. (Compadre)