James Franco's Daddy Share Smiths-inspired "You Are Mine" with Andy Rourke

James Franco's Daddy Share Smiths-inspired "You Are Mine" with Andy Rourke
Last year, James Franco revealed that his and Tim O'Keefe's band Daddy would be creating a Smiths-inspired cross-medium album called Let Me Get What I Want featuring the Smiths' own bassist Andy Rourke, and a track from the project called "You Are Mine" has now surfaced.
In addition to the Smiths' influence, the material also draws on Franco's book of poetry Directing Herbert White: Poems, which featured a sequence called "The Best of the Smiths: Side A and Side B." The final product is slated to arrive in spring 2016 as a 10-track album with 10 accompanying videos, which blend together as an hour-long film. Franco will also be revealing a painting to match each clip, which were inspired by his 1993 high school yearbook.
In a statement about the new single, Franco said: "High school is a time of longing for the unattainable. We dream big, but we're still too young to make anything significant happen. At least I was too immature and sensitive to be the person I wanted to be. 'You are Mine' is about one teenager dreaming about another, even though they'll never be together."
O'Keefe, meanwhile, offered: "Transforming James' poems to songs took on it's own creative process which was a new direction for me. Because the words weren't written by me, I had to take on the character of the individual whose perspective I was singing from. 'You Are Mine' like many of the songs on Let Me Get What I Want expresses experiences that were relatable to my own high school experience, and therefore I had a lot of my own emotions to pull from."
Hear "You Are Mine" in the player below.