James Deen 'I Appreciate U' (EP stream)

James Deen 'I Appreciate U' (EP stream)
James Deen is a moniker most commonly connected to the professional porn dude, but it's also the chosen title for the musical output of Kelowna-raised, Vancouver-based performer Brennan Henderson. The young performer has dropped plenty of digital releases under the James Deen moniker, and he's back with yet another called I Appreciate U, which Exclaim! is happy to premiere.

The six-song release includes more of Deen's signature sounds that are at once creative, playful and warm. In keeping with his love of The O.C. (his Twitter handle is Canadian Seth Cohen, after all), there's also a track called "An Unwritten Letter to Summer Roberts."

Speaking with Exclaim!, Deen explained that he wanted to make "fun, happy, silly, corny dance music that doesn't take itself seriously."

"Like I'm over going to a club or whatever and hearing like bummer, brooding bass music — not that I don't like listening to that stuff, because I've got lots of friends making really amazing dark music, but yeah — that shit's sad. I wanna be smiling when I dance... not that I go out much or whatever, the club scares me.

"But yeah, like I just wrote all the songs about my friends, and The OC, and dogs because they make me all giggly and happy. I just made the EP at a really nice, and cozy point in my life."

I Appreciate U can be streamed in full below. The EP will be available on March 30 through Bandcamp.