James Bleak "These Things Take Time"

James Bleak "These Things Take Time"
Last year, Winnipeg-based musician Dave Shaw delivered new music under the guise of Orlando Gloom, and now he's put his own clever spin on another famous name for a new project called James Bleak.
The new moniker hears Shaw toying with some of his "murkier" material. "This has been a strange and dark year, geopolitically, and I think a lot of that weird energy has been sublimated into my songwriting," he tells Exclaim!
As for what that darker musical mindset actually sounds like, Shaw says the new project is "sort of like if John Maus listened to a lot of psych rock."
You can decipher what that means for yourself by giving James Bleak's brand new single "These Things Take Time" a spin down below.

It blends echoing, despairing, baritone cries atop slightly cheerier psychedelic synth work, and a full album from the latest project is expected out sometime this spring.