James Blackshaw Set to Release All Is Falling This Summer

James Blackshaw Set to Release <i>All Is Falling</i> This Summer
London-based guitarist James Blackshaw is quickly making a name for himself through his virtuosic abilities on a 12-string acoustic guitar. At a recent Montreal performance, we noted that "he fingerpicks the 12-string with the modest touch of a folk guitarist but clearly has the virtuosity of a classical player." As a solo artist, Blackwell already has eight releases under his belt, and has now announced plans for his next album.

The work is called All Is Falling, and is made up of one piece broken up into eight movements. The album was recorded in December and January, and rounds out Blackshaw's guitar playing with the addition of violin, flute, cello, saxophone, glockenspiel and vocals.

All Is Falling is expected to be released in June or July from Michael Gira's Young God Records.