Jake Bugg Working on New Album with Beastie Boys' Mike D

Jake Bugg Working on New Album with Beastie Boys' Mike D
Beastie Boys have confirmed that, no, they won't be reuniting without the late Adam Yauch. That doesn't mean that the surviving members of the iconic rap group will be sitting idle, however, since Mike D is working on next album from youthful British folk-pop songwriter Jake Bugg.

This news comes from Bugg, who told the BBC [via NME], "I've been working with Mike D from the Beastie Boys on my new album in L.A. He's a really cool guy."

The 21-year-old Bugg continued, "It is a good idea to bounce ideas off someone and get an opinion. If he says it's cool it is cool. He's been playing me unheard Beastie Boys mixtapes."

There's no word as to whether we'll ever get to hear those unheard Beastie Boys mixtapes. Presumably, however, we'll hear Mike D's contributions to Bugg's new album before too long. Bugg previously told NME that the material was "darker" and there weren't as many fast songs.

When the record arrives, it will be his third album and the follow-up to 2013's Shangri La. That prior LP was produced by Rick Rubin who, of course, was a prominent collaborator with the Beasties.