Jaill Unveil Sub Pop Debut

Jaill Unveil Sub Pop Debut
Back on Christmas Eve, we reported that Milwaukee heroes Jail had added an "L" to the end of their name and signed with Sub Pop. At the time, they were planning to hit the studio and record a follow-up to their beloved debut There's No Sky (Oh My My), and now they've done just that. Jaill's new 11-song effort is in the can and ready for release this summer.

According to a press release, That's How We Burn "finds the band wrapping its head and arms more solidly around a sound they've been building up for nearly a decade. Their 'Sconnie sensibilities lend to a laid-back but creatively effortless brand of pop: bright guitars and amped-up energy skipping like a stone over [singer Vincent] Kircher's dense lyrics, only to sink into momentary mellow moments."

Perhaps our understanding of "'Sconnie sensibilities" will be more clear when That's How We Burn is released on July 27. The album track "Everyone's Hip" can be heard below and the album cover can be seen above.

That's How We Burn:

 1. "The Stroller"
2. "Everyone's Hip"
3. "On the Beat"
4. "Thank Us Later"
5. "Summer Mess"
6. "She's My Baby"
7. "Snake Shakes"
8. "Demon"
9. "Baby I"
10. "How's the Grave"
11. "That's How We Burn"