Jaga Jazzist Celebrate 20 Years with Vinyl Box Set

Jaga Jazzist Celebrate 20 Years with Vinyl Box Set
Believe it or not, Norwegian collective Jaga Jazzist first took the stage 20 years ago today, on October 21, 1994. It's been a long and varied career for the genre-bending instrumentalists, which they'll now partially revisit via a new vinyl box set.

The group have announced plans to release '94-'14, a new vinyl box set. The release includes a special reissue of the group's breakthrough 2004 album A Livingroom Hush, along with four previously unreleased demos and some additional demo downloads.

The box will also include two 12-inches that feature exclusive remixes of material from the band's Jaga Jazzist Live with Britten Sinfonia. These include remixes from Clark, Machinedrum, Teebs, Big Black Delta (a.k.a. Jonathan Bates), Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Moiré, Illum Sphere and Invader Ace.

Rounding out the box are exclusive sleeve notes from All About Jazz author John Kelman, along with archival photographs.

Listen to Clark's remix of "Bananfluer Overalt" below. '94-'14 will arrive on December 16 via Ninja Tune. The release can be pre-ordered here.

A Livingroom Hush:

1. Animal Chin
2. Going Down
3. Press Play
4. Airborne
5. Real Racecars Have Doors
6. Low Battery
7. Midget
8. Made For Radio
9. Lithuania
10. Cinematic

Reworks Pt.1:

1. Bananfluer Overalt (Clark Remix)
2. Music! Dance! Drama! (Big Black Delta Remix)
3. Kitty Wu (Machinedrum Remix)
4. Toccata (Teebs Remix)

Reworks Pt.2:

1. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson - Rose Heiress
2. Oslo Skyline (Moiré Remix)
3. Toccata (Illum Sphere Remix)
4. Toccata (Invader Ace Remix)