Jackie Mendoza LuvHz

Jackie Mendoza LuvHz
Among other things, political rhetoric does harm by limiting our ability to understand one another in something other than dogmatic terms.
Born and raised at the U.S. border with Mexico, in Chula Vista, CA, Jackie Mendoza makes electronic alt-pop that reflects her place in the world just as it refuses to be constrained by it.
Following up on her stand-alone single "De Lejos," LuvHz is Mendoza's debut EP. It comes after a well-received showcase at last year's SXSW event. NPR included her in The Austin 100 and, on the strength of her performance, the New York Times called her out as a festival highlight.
The EP opens with a Spanish vocal paired with oversized beats and a dense Rusty Santos production effort. "Mucho Más," which translates as "much more" is suitably titled. Mendoza, who has discussed her childhood depression/anxiety diagnosis publicly, says the track is about facing down your fears.
Her new single is a more subtle number called "Seahorse." There's a dream-pop sensibility at work here, perhaps reminiscent of mid-career Cocteau Twins. (The same can be said of "What I Need," "Loco Flow" and "Your Attention.") Clearly, Mendoza absorbed more than just Latin American musical influences growing up in California, New York and Mexico.
"Puppet Angels" is something else again. It is the track you're most likely to turn up, and a reminder that there's more to this bright young light than heritage. (Luminelle)