Jacki-O Poe Little Rich Girl

Image-wise, this newcomer from Miami has a sexy style, pioneered by Foxy Brown and Lil Kim. She can also get as raunchy as other vulgar Miami rappers who came before her. Somewhere in between her image and her city’s reputation for sexual music, Jacki-O has put out an original album with a distinct identity. The two qualities that flow throughout the album creating its identity are the production and Jacki-O’s confidence on the microphone. Poe Little Rich Girl shows different sides of Jacki-O, over tracks that all contribute to the mood. Her dominance on "Pussy” and "Gangsta Bitch” is balanced with "Ghetto World” and "Pretty,” a song about getting appreciation when she needs it most. The tracks are like Miami — packed with different flavours of percussion, vocals and instruments that produce heat and an urge to party. "Living It Up,” featuring O’Damia, blends rapped and sung vocals with a dialogue between Jacki and her girls, over mid-tempo Latin drums from Red Spyda. "Fine,” featuring the Ying Yang Twins, is an ode to Jacki-O’s magnificent physique with an up-tempo beat that brings to mind a hip-hop aerobics class full of women who look like Ki-Toy Johnson. The syrupy bass line ties it together and makes you want to pop a bottle, or shake your tail-feather with equal vigour. This is strong debut that deserves attention. (TVT)