Jack White Succumbs to Mysterious Disease at Theatrical London Show

Jack White Succumbs to Mysterious Disease at Theatrical London Show
Jack White's album Lazaretto takes its name from a quarantine station used for maritime travellers, and the Third Man Records boss took the theme of infectious disease to the next level last night (July 2) with an elaborately theatrical performance in London.

The secret show took place in the basement of a disused office building, and was a collaboration with the Punchdrunk theatre group. They had transformed the facility into the fictional Vescovo & Co clinic for contagious disease, which was staffed with actors playing doctors, nurses and orderlies.

Following an online treasure hunt, fans signed up to attend the gig via a fake medical website, and the lucky few who were chosen were given an appointment at the Vescovo clinic. When they showed up, they were treated to a live performance; they also experienced a medical examination, an outbreak of disease, and White getting whisked away in an ambulance.

Here's how Third Man describes the gig:

On arrival, fans were asked to change in to blue medical gowns before being subjected to a variety of treatments testing in a maze of medical rooms staffed by Punchdrunk actors. Chaos descended as an outbreak alarm was raised and terrified fans were herded into a smoke filled quarantine chamber. Finally a screen was dropped to reveal Jack and band in full medical uniform who proceeded to belt out a thirty minute set before Jack himself succumbed to the mysterious disease. The rock star fell to the ground in a fit of convulsions before being strapped to a stretcher and wheeled off to a waiting ambulance.

Some more photos of the bizarre performance can be seen here.