Jack White Sheds More Light on Bob Dylan's Hank Williams Project

Jack White Sheds More Light on Bob Dylan's Hank Williams Project
Bob Dylan's 70th birthday is coming up later this month on May 24, but the folk legend still isn't ready to call it a day. Lately, he's been assembling a tribute to Hank Williams, recruiting songwriters to pen music for sheets of lyrics from the country pioneer's archives. News of the project has been circling since 2007, and Jack White has now revealed that it's still on the way.

"I did a project with Bob Dylan: he put together 20 or 25 people to finish writing Hank Williams songs that only had lyrics and didn't have music," the Third Man Records mogul recently told Clash Music.

White continued, "I looked through all the piles of lyrics, and one of 'em just kept speaking to me. Sometimes you think it's gonna be really hard to find my spot, and then it picks it for you. You don't even have to choose it; it just picks it for you."

The project is similar in nature to Mermaid Avenue, an initiative by Billy Bragg and Wilco to resurrect the lost words of Woodie Guthrie.

While it's encouraging to learn that the Hank Williams project is still alive, there's no word as to when it will see the light of day, or even official confirmation as to who is involved.

Way back in 2008, White told MTV, "[Dylan] did one, asked Willie Nelson to do one, asked me to do one, and I think Lucinda Williams and Alan Jackson are on it too. I think it might come out this year. It's a cool record."