Jack White Produces New Singles by Pokey LaFarge and We Are Hex for Third Man Records

Jack White Produces New Singles by Pokey LaFarge and We Are Hex for Third Man Records
Jack White has a passion for both roots music and squalling garage punk, having explored both styles with the White Stripes and the Raconteurs. Now, his own Third Man Records is getting ready to roll out singles from two new artists who encompass both sides of White's musical personality.

One comes from St. Louis's Pokey LaFarge, a 26-year-old songwriter who fronts a band called the South City Three. The Third Man website describers his music as encompassing "everything from jazz, string ragtime, country blues, and western swing."

As is the case with most Third Man releases, White handled production duties on the single himself. On Friday (February 18), LaForge tweeted, "New 7inch vinyl produced by Jack White will be out in March on Third Man Records." The single contains two new tracks: "Chittlin' Cookin' Time in Cheatham County" and "Pack It Up."

Third Man is also getting set to release a single from Indianapolis, IN's We Are Hex. The label describes the band like this: "Somewhere between the Stooges and the Cure, We Are Hex is scratching, creeping, dirty slop -- refreshingly raw, honest and urgent." The head-scratching titles featured on this seven-inch are "Twist the Witch's Titty" and "Through the Doldrums to the Dum Dums."

A message posted on the band's blog on Friday reads, "We recorded a few songs with Jack White last month. He will release them on a 7" next month." See the cover of the single above.

You can listen to 30-second samples from both singles over at the Third Man website. Both seven-inches will be part of the label's Blue Series and limited-edition tri-colour versions will be available. Oh, and if you happen to be in Nashville, TN, you can listen to the Third Man Monkey Band play the new songs for the price of a quarter (see below)