Jack White Invents Triple Decker Record for New Dead Weather Single

Jack White Invents Triple Decker Record for New Dead Weather Single
Renaissance man Jack White has already proven himself a vinyl innovator, from hiding secret tracks on the inner labels of LPs to releasing tri-colour seven-inches. Now, he's unveiled his wackiest vinyl idea yet: the Triple Decker Record. If you head to the Third Man Records website, you can see White demonstrate his latest invention, which is a twelve-inch record with a seven-inch inside of it.

The first ever Triple Decker Record will be the Dead Weather's "Blue Blood Blues," the lead track from their recent Sea of Cowards LP. It will come on the twelve-inch portion of the record, with an unreleased song contained on a seven-inch inside. (Think of it like a vinyl sandwich with the twelve-inch as the bread and the seven-inch as the filling.)

In order to get at the seven-inch, you need to crack open the twelve-inch using a knife or screwdriver and remove the record inside. It's unclear if the twelve-inch will still be usable after you break it in half.

The Triple Decker Record version of "Blood Blood Blues" is due out on Friday (September 17) and will be limited to 300 copies. Some of these will be available at the Third Man Records store in Nashville, TN, while others will be enclosed in random mail orders from the website. A few more will be available at select stores world wide.

If you don't manage to get your hands on a Triple Decker Record, "Blood Blood Blues" is out today on standard black and tri-colour vinyl. Check out White's demonstration of the vinyl here.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the tip.