Jack White Announces "World's Fastest Released Record"

Jack White Announces "World's Fastest Released Record"
Jack White once lashed out at Guinness World Records for not including the White Stripes for performing the world's shortest concert in 2007, but he's evidently still interested in setting records. In 2012, he claimed to have created the most expensive flexi-disc, and now he's promising to release "the world's fastest released record, studio-to-store, in the history of mankind."

He'll be pulling off the stunt on Record Store Day (April 19). First thing in the morning, he will take the stage in the blue room at his Third Man Records facility in Nashville and record a live version of his upcoming single "Lazaretto" via the label's direct-to-acetate method.

The recording will then be rushed to Nashville's United Record Pressing, which will immediately begin pressing 7-inches, while sleeves will be printed using photos from the show. The records will then be immediately sent to Third Man's store and sold that same day.

United promises to meet the demand for the singles by continuing to press records until there are enough for everyone waiting in line. There will only be one per customer and this is the only time and place they will ever be sold. (Except for at inflated prices on eBay, of course.)

Also that day, Whirlwind Heat will appear at Third Man for their first live show since 2006. This might be their last gig ever, and they will be selling coloured vinyl reissues of their album Do Rabbits Wonder?, which is arriving on Record Store Day.

Platinum Members of Third Man's Vault will be able to purchase so-called "ultra tickets" that will grant them access to Jack White's live recording and Whirlwind Heat's afternoon show. They will also receive copies of the aforementioned 7-inch and reissue.

Earlier this week, Jack White announced his sophomore solo album, Lazaretto, which will arrive on on June 10 through Third Man Records/Columbia.