Jack Name "Running After Ganymede"

Jack Name "Running After Ganymede"
All set to follow up his 2014 debut disc Light Show with a new LP called Weird Moons, Los Angeles artist Jack Name (a.k.a. John Webster Johns) has revealed the record's first single, "Running After Ganymede."

The chilly new wave tribute to the Greek mythology figure finds Name hushing out stony requests ("please come back to me") over a knotted bed of synth sounds and otherworldly howls. You'll be abducted by Name's Zeus-like command of lo-fi electronic pop down below .

Weird Moons rises up January 20 via Castle Face.

Weird Moons:

1. Werewolf Factory
2. Under The Weird Moon
3. Running After Ganymede
4. Lowly Ants
5. Waiting For Another Moon
6. Watcher Talk
7. Io
8. Something About Glenn Goins