Jack Logan Nature's Assembly Line

Anyone who has followed Logan since his short-lived breakthrough with 1994’s Bulk, has done it partly out of respect for the fact that he remains the ultimate blue collar musician. And that not because he’s out plying his trade is shitty clubs every night. Logan works his day job, and simply gets together with his friends on a regular basis to record what inevitably turns out to be collections of remarkable songs. In that sense, Nature’s Assembly Line is much more akin to Bulk as it is comprised of weekly Monday night sessions throughout 2003 at friend Kevin Lane’s house in Athens, Georgia. Done on an eight-track and composed spontaneously, the material nevertheless bears the mark of Logan’s gift for melody, bittersweet views on everyday life, and laconic Tim Hardin-esque vocals. It is slightly ironic that Logan’s return to the lo-fi majesty of Bulk may be what it takes to remind people that he’s still out there, but any release from Logan should be recognised. Nature’s Assembly Line is certainly a worthy addition to his catalogue. (Orange Twin)