Jack Logan Buzz Me In

Logan burst out of nowhere in 1994 with the aptly named double CD Bulk. The 42 songs were culled from literally thousands of tracks, mostly recorded at home, in his garage and kitchen and it blindsided a lot of folks. He’ll never be able to stagger folks that way again, and wisely, he hasn’t tried. With Buzz Me In, his third solo LP, he’s recorded the 14 tracks, none over four minutes, in a real studio. It’s a mixed bag of rock, with blues, country and even a smattering of gospel influences evident. “All Grown Up,” thanks to its bluesy groove and honking sax recalls Morphine and Sticky Fingers-era Stones. Logan’s hazy and smoky baritone further cements the Morphine connection. Buzz Me In’s songs are just as good as Bulk’s, still diverse, but not in a conscious way — it’s more a matter of simply supplying what the tune needs instead of any willful eclecticism. That’s how we end up with the Sundog String Quartet backing him on “Hit Or Miss.” “Weren’t Gone Long” on the other hand, is chockablock with crunchy hard rock guitars and “Gimme A Room” is a sultry mix of blues, jazz, and swamp. Former Clash associate Kosmo Vinyl produced the CD and, no doubt, his comfort with eclecticism made things easier for Logan to meet his vision. Strong from start to finish. (Capricorn)