Jack Grace I Like It Wrong

With influences ranging all the way from Hank Williams to Hank Williams III, Jack Grace is a straightforward old-time country crooner. Although, his songs are whiskey-drenched in cliché lyrics and borrowed riffs, the overall result somehow ends up being a positive one. His beaten down Nashville bar band delivery gives an authenticity to his work that many similar artists lose to studio tweaking. Another of Grace’s saving, ahem, graces is his lack of pretension about his songwriting. No track on I Like It Wrong overstays its welcome, each repeats its title a few times, shows off some skilled instrumentation and then moves on. Although the band’s real strength lies in their upbeat Pepto-Bismol-ridden country laments, they also show a flair for downtrodden Americana, as seen in the songs "Colder Than Cold” and "Old Hotel” (which plays a similar roll on the album as "Will to Love” did on Neil Young’s American Stars and Bars). So whether your into honky-tonk, country boogie or just saying "Your” with an "e” in the middle, Jack Grace’s I Like It Wrong is worth a listen. (Independent)