Jack de Marseille Free My Music

Moving boldly from the sci-fi techno drill of "Kalymba Part 2" to the deep and wicked "Bump," and onto the jostling breaks of "Shake That Booty," France's pre-eminent DJ, Jack de Marseille, unleashes his frenetic percussive energy in Free My Music. Doing just that, both boldly and playfully, Marseille's techno vigour oscillates between stomp and groove, settling more into the former rather than later. Imparting a sense of indiscriminate joy in his approach to all electronic genres, Marseille's hard beats thump with a certain amount of up-tempo rhythmic fluidity, regardless of bpm. The spacious dub interlude "Feelin' It" and the ambient sign off "Let The Music" are choice down-tempo counters to all the techno glee, while at the same time maintaining the hypnotic drive of the whole production. (Wagram)