Jacaszek Glimmer

Glimmer is Jacaszek's seventh album in less than a decade and his first for Ghostly International, following his contribution to the label's superb compilation, SMM: Context, in 2010. (Michał) Jacaszek, a modern classical composer from Poland, focuses here on harpsichord and the deep resonance of clarinet in place of the Arvo Pärt-esque, vocal- and strings-heavy Treny, his well-received album from 2008. Here, Jacaszek solicits comparisons to Tim Hecker or Murcof in his layering of elements of modern classical with ambient noise, drone and electronics, although the drone is much less in the foreground than with Hecker. The static fuzz provides a backdrop to the huge gothic arches of sound. Glimmer is incredibly expansive and melancholic, yet also delicate, at times. This is without a doubt some of his best work and one of the most beautiful albums of the year; its potency is revealed by its ability to fill any space it's played in. (Ghostly International)