J. Robbins "Anodyne" / "Abandoned Mansions"

J. Robbins 'Anodyne' / 'Abandoned Mansions'
J. Robbins has been part of a ton of incredible punk and post-hardcore groups over the years, most notably Jawbox and Burning Airlines, but now he's working on a solo career. A new, two-song digital single has arrived ahead of a to-be-detailed full-length release.

First up is "Anodyne," a detuned and distorted pop-rock song that finds Robbins questioning the marketing practices of "gatekeepers" who "get paid selling you what you already own." Blending in with the more traditional rock instruments is weeping cello from Gordon Withers.

The second track is a full-band version of "Abandoned Mansions," a track Robbins had recorded for an acoustic EP in 2014.

A quick note from Robbins explains that the songs will only be on Bandcamp for a limited time. He adds that a full-length is due "sometime in the near future." Meanwhile, you can check out the new recordings below.