J Majik Drum'n'Bass Mix

The rumours are true, drum & bass is good again. Gone are the spastic, metallic beats of the last few years and in their place are funky bass lines, horn stabs and vocals. This mix captures the new feel of drum & bass quite well. J. Majik, who has been part of the scene since its inception, presents his first mix disc, a 16-track journey through drum & bass's new funk. The tracks are speedy without being out of control and range from the soulful Adam F track "Brand New Funk" to the hard stepping of Motion's "Suspense" to the vocal tracks, such as Calibre's "Our Love Part 2." Many of the tracks come from Majik's Infrared label, and the mixing is well done. If you gave up on jungle during the last few years, this disc is a good place to check out what's going on now. (DMC)