J Dilla's Uncle to Open Detroit Donut Shop Called Dilla's Delights

J Dilla's Uncle to Open Detroit Donut Shop Called Dilla's Delights
Late hip-hop icon J Dilla has been celebrated with more than enough posthumous releases, most recently with his week's Diamonds & Ice EP. When you consider his prolific output, there will probably be more releases on the way, but if you would like a break from buying vinyl you can soon celebrate the life of Dilla with donuts.

According to the Detroit News [via AllHipHop], Dilla's uncle Herman Hayes is launching a new donut spot in Detroit called Dilla's Delights.

Hayes is a longtime baker in the city, and is hoping to open his new spot in October or November in Detroit's Harmonie Park.

"He was on his deathbed making Donuts, and I felt like that was partly a tribute to me," Hayes said. "I felt I should honour that and respect that and give back to him."

When it opens, the store will blast Dilla on the stereo, and the donuts (made with organic ingredients) will pay tribute to the late performer with names like Fantastic Fritters, McNasty Macaroons and the Conant Gardens Glaze.

"I want to honour my nephew in the right way, and this is a good way to do it," Hayes added. "Not by putting out another album, but putting a sustainable business with his name on it that I plan on being in Detroit long after I'm gone. It's just what I can give back to him for giving us that music."