Izza Kizza Kizzaland

Izza Kizza <i>Kizzaland</i>
Now that Timbaland is partly responsible for Madonna's latest album, including hit single "4 Minutes," which I'd like to nominate as the most irritating song of 2008, I feel that I can't really trust the super-producer's taste. That should have been obvious with last year's Shock Value album, where he hand-picked a selection of various collaborators and overshot his goal, ending up with a sloppy mess that only gave him a couple of hits.

But check out Mr. Moseley and his latest find from Valdosta, GA. Izza Kizza may be Southern but he's not looking to fit in with the Dirty South. Instead, all Izza's looking to do is innovate hip-hop and push it even further than his mentor has in the past, with artists like Missy Elliott, Aaliyah and Justin Timberlake.

The tastemakers over at Fader love him so much they've basically set up a shrine to worship him. I can't really blame them. Izza's got the vision of someone like Roots Manuva to move far and beyond where hip-hop has gone (see "Invincible"), but also the skills for writing hooks that will make him a star, as well as the hook-ups to help spread his name (check his collab "Walk the Dawg" below with Missy, or "Red Wine" featuring Family Guy's Stewie).

Signed to Timba's Moseley Music Group and featuring production by his label boss and Soul Diggaz, Izza's debut is scheduled for an early 2009 release. In the meantime, you can download his mind-blowing Kizzaland mixtape, compiled and mixed by Nick Catchdubs.

Download Izza Kizza's Kizzaland

Izza Kizza "Invincible"

Izza Kizza "They're Everywhere"

Izza Kizz "Red Wine"

Izza Kizza feat. Missy Elliott "Walk the Dawg"