It's Patrick Monsters of the Deep

The album Monsters of the Deep by the Toronto trio It's Patrick is deceiving at first. The similarities to Courtney Love's pop outfit Hole are a little overwhelming upon the first listening. Lead singer Michelle Breslin's lyrical phrasings are very much in the same spirit of that pseudo-grunge band, as is the very structure of some of the songs. Yet by the middle of the album these elements start to diminish as you recognise the purposeful guitar work of Rudy Rempel. The music escapes pop clichés with the help of soulfully executed blues rifts and decently written tunes. The peak is the textured "Superfreakoutheartevent" and the heavy "Alien Squirrel Kidnapping," the latter recorded with the help of Dinner is Ruined's Dale Morningstar. These guitar-heavy tracks bring to mind the best Stone Roses material, fusing together searing guitar licks with strong pop melodies. The short tight tunes are clean sounding and tightly produced, and for the most part bring out the admirable qualities of this talented trio. This album is a good indication that It's Patrick has what it takes to emerge from under the shadow of a more popular, but less interesting pop success. (Alien Girl)