It's Official: Eric Avery Quits Jane's Addiction

It's Official: Eric Avery Quits Jane's Addiction
If you've been following news surrounding Jane's Addiction's latest reunion, you won't be surprised to learn that bassist Eric Avery has officially left the group.

This confirms rumours that Avery had one foot out the door, as he had been absent from group photos, as well as occasional shows, recently. Even more significantly, he had admitted that he was not taking part in the band's latest writing sessions, tweeting, "i am not writing with janes addiction," and, most recently, Guns N' Roses bass man Duff McKagan was believed to have replaced Avery.

Well, Avery made the news official early this morning (March 1) via a message posted on his Twitter, as he wrote, "thats it. with equal parts regret and relief, the janes addiction experiment is at an end."

This news comes just hours after the group wrapped up their brief Australian tour, which ended today with a performance at the Soundwave Festival in Perth.

When it comes to Jane's Addiction reunions, Avery has long been the odd man out. He didn't participate in either of the band's previous reunions (1997 or 2001), preferring to focus on solo work or his now-defunct Polar Bear project. He released his first solo album, Help Wanted, in 2008, and in January revealed that he had begun work on more new material, minus Jane's.

Avery's former band-mates, meanwhile, are pressing ahead with their latest reunion. While they have not officially announced any plans to record, their current writing sessions mean that we could have album number four before long.

Thanks to Consequence of Sound for the heads-up.