Italians Do It Better Finally Set to Release 'After Dark 2,' Share New Mirage Track

Italians Do It Better Finally Set to Release 'After Dark 2,' Share New Mirage Track
After months of delays, the second instalment of neo-disco label Italians Do It Better's After Dark series will finally be released this Friday (May 17).

The news came today (May 15) from label co-head Johnny Jewel (Glass Candy, Chromatics), who uploaded a last-minute sneak preview of his Mirage's "Let's Kiss." According to Jewel, the vocoder-utilizing, Prince-referencing dance track has been incubating for quite some time, but you can now stream or download it down below.

"'Let's Kiss' was written the same week as [Desire's] 'Under Your Spell' in November 2008," he said in a statement. "After a bizarre & beautiful twist of fate, I walked into a remote bar in Montreal where I met the love of my life. The next morning… [Glass Candy singer] Ida [No]& I had to leave. We flew to France for a handful of sweaty club shows. On the train out of Paris, I realized my whole world had been permanently turned upside down. The rain was crashing against the windows… & I decided I wanted to make a record that felt like that moment frozen in time."

He goes on to note that the compilation, which follows 2007's After Dark, is the summation of five years of travelling, touring, and partying. It features unreleased music from the likes of Glass Candy, Chromatics, Mirage, Desire, Farah, Symmetry and more. You can see the previously announced tracklisting details down below.

"The last five years have been a blur of art & parties," Jewel added. "This record represents the people we've connected with along the way…in Moscow, in Mexico, in Barcelona, in London, in Portland, in Montreal, in Melbourne, in Houston, in Berlin, in Beijing, in Los Angeles, in Dublin, in Athens… I am so excited to finally be sharing it with you."

UPDATE: After Dark 2 is now available to buy on iTunes and physical copies are apparently "on the way…"

After Dark 2 arrives the same day as Glass Candy and Chromatics kick off a European tour in celebration of the release. You can see all the dates here.

After Dark 2:

1. Glass Candy "Warm in the Winter"
2. Mirage "Let's Kiss"
3. Desire "The Nightshift"
4. Appaloosa "Fill the Blanks"
5. Glass Candy "Pain Relief is Fun"
6. Chromatics "House of Models"
7. Symmetry "Heart of Darkness"
8. Twisted Wires "Half Lives"
9. Glass Candy "The Possessed"
10. Desire "Tears From Heaven"
11. Chromatics "Johanna"
12. Farah "Into Eternity"
13. Mirage "Lucifer"
14. Glass Candy "Soft Celebration"
15. Chromatics "Looking For Love"
16. Glass Candy "The Price"