Italians Do It Better Reveals New Releases from Chromatics and Symmetry

Italians Do It Better Reveals New Releases from Chromatics and Symmetry
Italians Do It Better has issued oodles of gems from the likes of Glass Candy, Desire and more over the years, but the venerable imprint is apparently about to go on a tear, having announced a slew of upcoming records by dark-pop label faves Chromatics.

Though a due date wasn't given, last fall's Running From the Sun mixtape will enter the physical world with a vinyl pressing, according to the label's online store. Among the eight tracks are an alternate take on "Kill for Love" and a cover of standard "Blue Moon."

Chromatics will also issue another 12-inch called Cherry, built around the previously premiered song of the same name. The LP is bookended by the original "Cherry" and an instrumental interpretation and also contains the previously released cover of New Order's "Ceremony," which features guest vocals from Glass Candy's Ida No.

The band's "Tick of the Clock," as featured in Drive, will also be treated to a 12-inch single. The slab of wax will feature a film edit of the track, as well as an extended version and a remix from Visione.

Beyond the Chromatics releases, Italians Do It Better also has plans to issue a commercially available version of Johnny Jewel project Symmetry's The Messenger LP, which had originally been pressed as a promo LP in 2011.

You can peep all the tracklists down below and the artwork for each release above.

Regrettably, due dates have not been given for any of the LPs, so it's hard to say exactly when you can slap them on your turntable. Also, there's still no word on when the anticipated After Dark 2 comp will arrive.

Chromatics - Running From the Sun:

1. Dreaming In Color

2. Red Car

3. Kill For Love

4. Last Wish

5. Running From The Sun

6. Disintegration

7. These Streets Will Never Look The Same

8. Blue Moon

Chromatics - Cherry:

1. Cherry

2. Candy (Original Version)

3. Headlight's Glare

4. Ceremony (ft. Ida No)

5. At Your Door

6. Cherry (I Can't Keep Running)

7. Vertigo

8. Cherry (Instrumental)

Chromatics - Tick of the Clock 12-inch:

1. Tick Of The Clock (Film Edit)

2. Tick Of The Clock (Visione's The Stroke Of Midnight Remix)

3. Tick Of The Clock (Extended Overdrive)

Symmetry - The Messenger:

1. Recurring Dream

2. The Messenger

3. Vanishing Point

4. Carousel

5. Waiting Room

6. Uptown Rain

7. Thicker Than Blood

8. Roulette

9. Lost In Time

10. Tunnel Vision

11. Surface Control

12. The Dancer

13. The Hunt