Isolated Showers First Impression

My initial impression, based on their earlier 12-inch, was that Isolated Showers contained two dope MCs, but lacked the beat-making ability that is necessary to get most heads open. This time around, their full-length First Impressions has solved most of the problems plaguing this Ottawa-based Nextraterrestrial crew. With the exception of the nice opera sample buried deep in the background of second track “AS IS,” the album doesn’t really start kicking and screaming until the sixth song — when the hard synthesiser beat and powerfully conscious lyrics of “Building Blocks” kicks in the album picks up plenty of momentum, letting up for only a couple of songs. Of the 15 tracks, more than half are well worth a listen (or two). The verbal jewels of Stubbs and Alias on “Conversations” touches on the possible existence of aliens, the Masons and the very real effects of racism, but could have been a better song with a much stronger beat. “Inner Power” is a great, slow-flowing subterranean space track featuring the rhymes of Astral Majesty Creations MC Kotep Omegatron who comes off distorted, but dope. If this is your first chance to hear Isolated Showers than they should make a good first impression. (AS IS)