Isidore Life Somewhere Else

IsidoreLife Somewhere Else
Steve Kilbey, vocalist and founding member of Australian first-wavers the Church, may be the voice of Isidore, but it's clear that Jeffrey Cain is the force behind Isidore. Guitarist of recently reformed group Remy Zero, Cain crafted this musical persona when he paired with Kilbey for 2004 LP Isidore. The band's proper follow-up, Life Somewhere Else, allows the Church frontman to stretch-out, properly utilizing his haunted vocals on tracks like gloomy, Dead Can Dance-like dirge "Life Somewhere Else" and the brooding "Song for the Moon," anchored by the sampled beat from late Remy Zero drummer (and former Isidore contributor) Gregory Slay. But it's the driving, rock-based tracks like "Recoil" and "Just Dust" that give Life Somewhere Else its energy, as Kilbey matches Cain's chugging-but-ringing guitars with a lust-for-life delivery. Kilbey has been on a bit of a roll lately, with the Church's 2010 return-to-form, Untitled #23, which to say is partly a compliment to Cain, who stays silently not so silent in the background on Life Somewhere Else. (Communicating Vessels)