Isaac Freeman And The Bluebloods Beautiful Stars

Isaac Freeman’s voice is found just above the subsonic scale, with a quality capable of stopping time. The phenomenal bass singer of gospel’s Fairfield Four is, like his famous quartet, capable of expressing the epitome of soulfulness and spirituality through his almost other-worldly talent. Teaming up with a crack, Nashville-based blues outfit like Mike Henderson and his Bluebloods results in an experiment that works beautifully: the off-the-floor nature of Henderson’s well-seasoned crew has resulted in a laid-back majesty that is rarely captured as Freeman’s unique voice and largely secular repertoire detours and dovetails nicely with electric blues. It steers through familiar traditional gospel territory: "Jesus On The Mainline” and "Lord I Want You To Help Me” are highlights despite the fact that they are stripped of the usual lush Fairfield Four harmonies. Likewise, Henderson and his Bluebloods truly shine in this surprising new context, basked in the light of Freeman’s substantial glow. (Lost Highway)