Isaac Brock's Ugly Casanova LP Gets Deluxe Vinyl Reissue

Isaac Brock's Ugly Casanova LP Gets Deluxe Vinyl Reissue
While Isaac Brock is off touring with his longtime project, Modest Mouse, the folks at Sub Pop are getting ready to revisit the Pacific Northwest indie icon's past with a deluxe edition of his first and only full-length offering as Ugly Casanova. You can sink your incisors into an expanded version of 2002's Sharpen Your Teeth on October 30.

A press release explains that the original vinyl pressing of the album is long out-of-print, so Sub Pop has put together a new double LP that collects the 13-song record with four bonus songs. "Babies Clean Conscience," "Roads to Go to Roads to Go to..." and "Diggin Holes" had previously appeared on limited singles, while bonus track "They Devised a Plan to Fuck Forever" is previously unreleased.

It's explained that Ugly Casanova stems from the creation of Brock's alter ego, Edgar Graham, who allegedly appeared while the band were touring in the late '90s. As lore would have it, the band had encouraged the "mysterious savant" to record. A "sheaf of ramblings" was later "given" to Modest Mouse by the fictional figure, which inspired portions of their 2000 effort, The Moon and Antarctica.

Sharpen Your Teeth was produced by Brian Deck and Isaac Brock at Oregon's Glacial Pace Studios. The recordings feature both musicians, as well as a backup band that included John Orth (Holopaw), Tim Rutili (Califone, Red Red Meat), Pall Jenkins (the Black Heart Procession) and more.

You'll find the coiler-covered music video for Sharpen Your Teeth's "Things I Don't Remember" beneath the expanded tracklisting.

As for Brock's present-day activities, Modest Mouse are currently supporting their Strangers to Ourselves LP with a series of live dates. They'll be in London, ON, Victoria and Vancouver later this month.

Sharpen Your Teeth:

1. Barnacles
2. Spilled Milk Factory
3. Parasites
4. Hotcha Girls
5. (no song)
6. Diamonds On the Face of Evil
7. Cat Faces
8. Ice On the Sheets
9. Bee Sting
10. Pacifico
11. Smoke Like Ribbons
12. Things I Don't Remember
13. So Long to the Holidays
14. Babies Clean Conscience*
15. Diggin Holes*
16. They Devised a Plan to Fuck Forever*
17. Roads to Go to Roads to Go to...*

* bonus tracks