Irving Klaws Pajama Party

Buffalo's Irving Klaws play a mix of surf, rockabilly and garage. On Pajama Party's lead-off track, "Turned Out USA," they assume a squeaky-clean Beach Boys surf-pop stance, which contrasts the song's dirty lyrics quite nicely. They're all over the map musically, and the very next song, "Not Me Not Now," has a manic Buzzcocks-like new wave feel. The "Sniffer," a standout track to be sure, is a filthy Headcoats/Cramps-style garage blaster. Some stylistic ventures are more fruitful than others. The straight-up rockabilly tune "Wigglin' and Jigglin'" is a bit of a bomb, but they come back strong again with the fun, Smuggler-esque "Do The Klaw." These old "Pervasonic" rockers definitely have a good handle on the sometimes elusive "fun factor" in trash rock, and would be great at a boozy house party. (Get Hip)