Iron & Wine Team Up with the Low Anthem for Split Daytrotter Sessions LP

Iron & Wine Team Up with the Low Anthem for Split <i>Daytrotter Sessions</i> LP
Record Store Day has already passed, but that isn't stopping Iron & Wine and the Low Anthem from breaking out some limited wax. They are teaming up for a limited-edition twelve-inch, due out May 17, that will bring together Daytrotter Sessions from each act.

This is the first-ever vinyl release from Daytrotter, a Rhode Island-based website that features live in-studio sessions. The split will be limited to 1,000 copies, which will be sold in select independent record stores, directly from Daytrotter and the bands' websites.

Iron & Wine's website hints that fans who buy the record on May 17 will get an extra freebie. The announcement says, "We've also got something cooking to include by street date, but we're gonna hold off on sharing that until we're sure it comes together."

Check out the tracklist below. You will notice that Iron & Wine's half contains much-loved single "Naked as We Came," along with three tracks from this year's Kiss Each Other Clean. The Low Anthem's half contains two songs from the recent Smart Flesh, plus two more from that same album's bonus disc.

Not sure whether these are worth your hard-earned cash? Listen to both sessions for free right here and here. A video of the Iron & Wine session is embedded at the bottom of this page.

Daytrotter Sessions:

Iron & Wine:

1. "Godless Brother in Love"
2. "Tree by the River"
3. "Glad Man Singing"
4. "Naked as We Came"

The Low Anthem:

1. "Apothecary Love"
2. "Dreams Can Chase You Down"
3. "I'll Take Out Your Ashes"
4. "Maybe So"