Iron & Wine "Joy" (video)

Iron & Wine 'Joy' (video)
Iron and Wine's new album, Ghost on Ghost, contains some lushly produced pop gems, but it also features an extremely low-key lullaby called "Joy," which has now received a music video.

The stop-motion clip for this romantic piano ditty is a stop-motion affair that shows some dream-like dioramas. A watercolour image of a woman is animated within these faux natural landscapes, effectively portraying the life-altering impact of love.

Director Hayley Morris said in a statement to NPR, "Through his eyes we see how [she] changes his world and fills it with colour. You catch glimpses of her within the different plants, rocks, trees, and objects that occupy this world. My goal was to have the viewer feel the effect on him through bursts of colour, growth and transformation. The video was made by projecting hand-painted watercolour animations into stop-motion landscapes."

Ghost on Ghost is out on April 16 through Nonesuch.