Iron Reagan "Bodies"

Iron Reagan"Bodies"
After banding together in 2011, Virginia metalheads Iron Reagan will finally be releasing their debut album, Worse Than Dead, early next month. The foursome is a 50/50 split of members from Municipal Waste and Darkest Hour, and according to the band's release, are comparable to "Leeway, the Cro-Mags, and Nuclear Assault." Although the album isn't set to drop for a bit, they've decided to give us a preview of its sound with new track "Bodies," which you can stream below.

While "Bodies" is a short track, it is heavy and unrelenting throughout, featuring a breakneck pace and reckless energy before dropping into a groovy breakdown to close things out.

Worse Than Dead will be available March 5 via A389 Recordings/Magic Bullet Records, but for now, you can stream "Bodies" below.