Iron Man Generation Void

After German doom stalwart Hellhound Records went under a few years ago, DC outfit Iron Man found themselves without a label - no problem for a former Sabbath cover band whose line-up once included Stoner Hands Of Doom organiser Rob Levey and Spirit Caravan drummer Gary Isom. Solitude Aeturnus guitarist John Perez stepped in with his Brainticket label and provided the cash flow for the recording of Generation Void, their third album. Front man Dan Michalak's vocals are an interesting cross between Ozzy and Rob Halford, with the mid-range pitch of the former and the strong vibratos of the latter. Like Suffocation's Terrance Hobbs, Al Morris is one of a handful of black guitarists in metal and is truly a protégé of Iommi himself. New drummer Vic Tomaso joined the fold, and bassist Ginger rounds out the group much like Bolt Thrower's Jo Bench (as opposed to the image driven nature of White Zombie's Sean Yseult). "King Of Kings" revs it up with White Zombie-ish riffage, while the nimble balladry of "Winds Of Change" prompts cigarette lighters swaying in the air. Morris's acoustic fretwork is displayed on "Ironica Blue," as is Tomaso's drumming skills on the instrumental "Juggernaut." The remaining tracks sling old-school sludge like it was recorded in 1974 Birmingham - England, that is. (Brainticket)