Iron Maiden Reveal Album Reissue Campaign and 7-inch Re-release Series

Iron Maiden Reveal Album Reissue Campaign and 7-inch Re-release Series
NWOBHM kings Iron Maiden are certainly no strangers to scanning the archives, with countless re-releases and best-of collections scattered throughout their mighty back catalogue. They'll once again be shining a light on their nearly 40-year career this fall via a 7-inch singles campaign and another pressing of their first eight LPs.

Parlophone will be following its recent picture disc pressings of the group's early albums with standard black wax editions, remastered from the original master tapes. Complementing these will be a batch of era-appropriate recreations of their 7-inch singles.

The releases arrive in three waves, with 1980's Iron Maiden, 1981's Killers and 1982's Number of the Beast, as well as the corresponding 7-inches, landing October 14. The first run of 7-inches include replica artwork, weighing in on the Paul Di'anno years on the "Running Free" and "Women in Uniform" singles up through to Bruce "The Human Air Siren" Dickinson's debut single, "Run to the Hills."

Due October 28 are new pressings of 1983's Piece of Mind, 1984's Powerslave and the 1985 concert set Live After Death. In regards to the singles, they include "Flight of Icarus," "The Trooper," "2 Minutes to Midnight," "Aces High," "Running Free" (live) and "Run to the Hills" (live). These come manned with non-album covers of Montrose's "I've Got the Fire," Jethro Tull's "Cross-Eyed Mary" and Beckett's "Rainbow's Gold."

The last batch arrives November 25, pairing new editions of 1986's Somewhere in Time and 1988's Seventh Son of a Seventh Son with singles for "Wasted Years," "Stranger in a Strange Land," "The Evil That Men Do," "The Clairvoyant," "Infinite Dreams" (live), and "Can I Play with Madness?" B-sides include the likes of "Black Bart Blues" and a cover of FM's "That Girl," as well as live versions of "The Prisoner" and "Killers."

All eight albums will also be housed in a new box set while supplies last.

You'll find the rundown on the single info down below.

Iron Maiden 7-inch Singles Series:

"Running Free" b/w "Burning Ambition"
"Sanctuary" b/w "Drifter (Live)" and "I've Got The Fire (Live)"
"Women In Uniform" b/w "Invasion"
"Twilight Zone" b/w "Wrathchild"
"Purgatory" b/w "Genghis Khan"
"Run To The Hills" b/w "Total Eclipse"
"The Number Of The Beast" b/w "Remember Tomorrow (Live)"
"Flight Of Icarus" b/w "I've Got The Fire"
"The Trooper" b/w "Cross-Eyed Mary"
"2 Minutes To Midnight" b/w "Rainbow's Gold"
"Aces High" b/w "King Of Twilight"
"Running Free (Live)" b/w "Sanctuary (Live)"
"Run To The Hills (Live)" b/w "Phantom Of The Opera (Live)"
"Wasted Years"  b/w "Reach Out"
"Stranger In A Strange Land" b/w "That Girl"
"Can I Play With Madness" b/w "Black Bart Blues"
"The Evil That Men Do" b/w "Prowler '88"
"The Clairvoyant" b/w "The Prisoner (Live)"
"Infinite Dreams (Live)" b/w "Killers (Live)"