Iron Maiden Open Up Luxury Hotel

Iron Maiden Open Up Luxury Hotel
While there was a point you could expect Iron Maiden to be tearing hotels down, now they're apparently building them.

Rock'n'roll or not, the band's management has announced its going into the hotel business and opening a luxury London hotel dedicated to musicians, or at least the well-behaved ones.

Called Sanctum Soho, the 30-room boutique hotel will break from the rock'n'roll tradition of TV-throwing and room-thrashing to cater to a more refined crowd, giving guests access to a 24-hour bar, rooftop hot tub, art deco-styled interiors and mini-bars built inside amp stacks. And with the entire project costing £6.5 million ($11 million CDN), hotel protocol will demand guests are much more orderly than the hedonists rockers of yore.

"It's not a hotel for throwing televisions out of the window. It's going to be a sexy hotel," Ben Groom, the hotel's publicist, told the London Sunday Times [via Spinner].

Despite this tamer, lamer attitude, Sanctum Soho will offer musicians "a fairly elite environment" when it opens in April, with "crash rooms" going for $260 a night, suites with names like Purple Haze and Naked Baroque for $450 and rooms called Naked Luxe for $870. The hotel will also feature heavy security to keep the paparazzi and fans at bay, desk clerks dressed in black, like in Elvis's Heartbreak Hotel, and perhaps some of Iron Maiden's platinum and gold discs in the lobby.

Chris Rouse, the London hotels expert at CB Richard Ellis, the world's largest commercial property adviser, told the Times: "What is important to success is a brand. Iron Maiden is a strong brand. Whether their room would be left in the state you would wish to find it, I can't say."

Yeah, that's right. He said brand not band.

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