Iron Lung Sexless//No Sex

Delivering noisecore in a fashion respective of an Anal Cunt-meets-D.R.I. crossover, Iron Lung unite blast beats and incomprehensible speed with an onslaught of offensive language and overt weirdness. The majority of these 20 tracks barely last long enough to read the title — something Agoraphobic Nosebleed would be proud of — but when the band counters scissor beats and bellowing with plodding grooves and plenty of tom-based rhythms, the opposing dynamics work extraordinarily well. It’s as if Napalm Death embraced the Dead Kennedys well before Barney Greenway got a hold of them and turned Cookie Monster vocals into tradition for grindcore. Naturally, there’s not much only two band members (guitar and drums) can do with such raucous music but within their limited confines, Iron Lung ensure that Sexless//No Sex is a stable blast of dissonance, even if it’s used more for shock value than actual aural pleasure. (Prank)