IQU Teenage Dream

IQU (formally ICU, until the threat of legal action) can't exactly be called techno or electronica or any other convenient category, because they splice together whatever style they choose and add elements from so many other types of music. Teenage Dream is one of those EP's that features one song remixed to death - six times, in fact - by numerous different folks, plus the original. And if that doesn't offer you enough value for money, there are also two bonus remixes of a song from their previous album (by KO and Sonic Boom). The original track is a glorious eight-minute marriage of buzzing guitar and an eerie sample of children singing a driving beat, which isn't a million miles from the classic "Voodoo Ray‚" by A Guy Called Gerald. When it comes to the remixes, Looper's stays closest to the original while Lexaunculpt and Concentrick take it furthest away with a true cut and paste job. Team 714 and Dub ID are more conventional dance-type mixes that are fine for what they are but the best mix comes from Take One and Red Clay, who slow it down into a wonderfully mellow hip-hop trip. The problem with any EP like this is that you have to really love a song to hear it seven times. In its defence, the various versions are different enough so that it doesn't feel like you are just hearing the same song again and again. But at the end of the day, the original version is still the best and there isn't a huge incentive to listen to all the other attempts. Still, it does bode well for the full-length album, which is just around the corner. (K)