Invisible Things "Kniii..."

Invisible Things 'Kniii...'
With both U.S. Maple and Parts & Labor put to pasture, guitarist Mark Shippy and drummer Jim Sykes have ended up spending the last few years cooking up skronky indie rock zaniness as Invisible Things. The pair have put together a new album called Time As One Axis that arrives next month, but you can sample the squiggled sonics of the set's "Kniii..." right now.

A detuned bric-a-brac of six-string action is served up by Shippy, with the guitarist alternating between slide-heavy lick-slinging and more chunky chord work. Wrapping around all of that are a series of low-key, fuzzed-out vocals and a menacing crash of waltz-pace drums. It's a tapestry of gloriously messy tones, which you can sample for yourself down below.

Time As One Axis, the band's sophomore follow-up to 2012's Home Is the Sun, lands May 12 through New Atlantis Records.