Invisible Conga People Line Up 12-Inch Debut for DFA

Invisible Conga People Line Up 12-Inch Debut for DFA
It's been a few years since we last heard from NYC Italo-disco enthusiasts Invisible Conga People, but the band haven't merely been slacking off since the release of 2008's "Cable Dazed" single. Since Italians Do It Better pressed that funky, synth-laden platter, the group have been forced out of a number of recording studios and jam spaces by wrecking crews. Fortunately, Invisible Conga People have managed to hole up in a space long enough to deliver another batch of jams.

A press release for the duo confirms that they have just finished another dance-floor-geared slab of vinyl for the highly renowned DFA. The A-side of the single contains "In a Hole," a dreamy, syrupy number where "darkened tones mingle with floating percussion and vocals processed to nearly melancholic depths." The flip features the sunnier "Can't Feel My Knees," a spry, open jam led by rippling keys.

Both songs are complemented with dub remixes that meet the house and noise scenes halfway, adding "white noise emissions and hissing electro shocks" to the mix.

A release date for the physical product has not yet been announced, but the single will be available digitally May 2.

"In A Hole":

1. "In A Hole"
2. "In A Hole" (dub)
3. "Can't Feel My Knees"
4. "Can't Feel My Knees" (dub)