The Internet "Cocaine (Little Dragon Kåkejn Remix)"

The Internet 'Cocaine (Little Dragon Kåkejn Remix)'
The music world is in the throes of Odd Future fever, and the members of Little Dragon have clearly taken notice. The Swedish electronic band have just rolled out a remix of "Cocaine" by Odd Future spinoff the Internet (featuring collective members Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians).

Little Dragon transform this steamy electro soul track into a sparse dance floor number by placing Syd the Kid's breathy vocals atop a stomping beat and a smattering off bass-heavy synths. The tempo is too slow for this to be a full-fledged banger, but it's bound to get your toes tapping.

"Cocaine" recently got its own EP, and it will reemerge on the Internet's debut full-length, Purple Naked Ladies, due out digitally on December 20 via Odd Future Records.

This new remix comes via Fact Magazine.