International Superheroes of Hardcore Release New Seven-inch

International Superheroes of Hardcore Release New Seven-inch
You may know New Found Gloryfor their hit-and-miss, radio-friendly pop punk but if you go dig up your old issues of HeartattaCk or Maximum Rocknroll, you’ll see that they once operated on a much smaller scale, with strong ties to the hardcore scene. Guitarist Chad Gilbert was even a long-running vocalist for metalcore legends Shai Hulud. In an effort to maintain cred, the band have been dabbling in those roots with their side-project, International Superheroes of Hardcore for the last three years. Taking on the alter egos Captain Straight Edge, the Amazing Breakdown, Mr. Mosh, Chugga Chugga and Sgt. Soy, the band see guitarist Chad Gilbert switching places with singer Jordan Putnik and shredding his vocal chords.

After New Found Glory signed with hardcore powerhouse Bridge 9 earlier this year, the label reissued their International Superheroes of Hardcore full-length, Takin’ It Ova. Now, the crew have revealed that they’ll be releasing a new seven-inch on November 11. The record is titled HPxHC, which, as the cover art reveals, stands for "Harry Potter’s Hardcore."

HPxHC tracklisting:

1. "HPxHC”
2. "Keepin It Real”
3. "Batman's a Deadman”
4. "Too Legit to Quit”

International Superheroes of Hardcore "Harry Potter’s Hardcore”